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Virtuse Wealth Management is the consulting and advisory arm of Virtuse Group.

We serve the evolving needs of family offices, endowments, foundations, pension funds and other institutional investors exploring and investing in the digital asset class.


By investing only 1% of your wealth you’ll stay at the top of the game, and without breaking a sweat you’ll get an asymmetric return with the non-correlated assets in your portfolio. We’ll work with you to create an end-to-end experience tailored to your unique needs.

Investment Strategies

Virtuse’s actively managed investment strategies are designed with various investor time, risk, and return preferences in mind to comprehensively serve the evolving needs of sophisticated investors.

Comprehensive, Multi-Strategy Approach

Deep value research
High conviction investment decisions

“Risk-on”/“risk-off” models
Algorithmic momentum, sentiment, mean-reversion, arbitrage, derivative & HFT trading

Active network participation
Traditional credit & lending business models with digital asset collateral

Finance very early developments of new projects
Equity, SAFTs, SAFEs, seed, series & pre-sale investors

Smart Beta
Offer diversified, low turnover, low-cost market-weighted indexes
Overweight/underweight to certain benchmark

Virtuse Wealth Management – Digital Private Bank

We believe that the current infrastructure is simply not customer-friendly enough for mass adoption. That’s why we want to empower HNWI with our one-stop-shop platform, which provides a cutting-edge custody solution alongside licensed digital banking services, such as accounts, cards or KYC services.

Virtuse is Europe’s first blockchain private banking solution that enables enable users to manage their cryptocurrencies, traditional financial instrument, and Euro deposits in one place with the safety and convenience of a European bank account.

Drawbacks of the traditional private banking industry

Despite Hight Net Worth (HNW) segments’ obvious appetite for mobile banking solutions, the whole industry suffers from:

  • A slow response to digital asset adoption and mobile technology innovation
  • A lack of willingness to integrate digital asset and advanced technologies as they become available
  • A general lack of interest in building digital assets products and services
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