Removing Barriers to Global Investment — Virtuse Bridges the Gap between Traditional and Digital Assets

Removing Barriers to Global Investment — Virtuse Bridges the Gap between Traditional and Digital Assets

Virtuse Admin
by Virtuse Admin
11. September 2018
Removing Barriers to Global Investment — Virtuse Bridges the Gap between Traditional and Digital Assets

The Next-Generation Exchange, now in closed Alpha, will offer built-in tokenization to allow investors to directly trade a full range of traditional and crypto assets.

SINGAPORE, Sept. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Virtuse Exchange has announced that their next-generation exchange, which will allow all users to create and trade their own financial instruments, is now viewable for a demonstration on a working alpha to select partners and press. At launch, the Virtuse Exchange will offer users the pairing of crypto and traditional assets, like Bitcoin/Gold, and in phase II will enable the “tokenization” of assets and the creation of DACTs, or Digital Asset Collateralized Tokens, which combine the best aspects of digital and real-world investments.

By creating DACTS, users with no technical experience will be able to tokenize traditional assets with a tangible value such as an equity, bond, commodity, and future. The DACT will represent ownership of that asset but will reside in the Ethereum Blockchain-based Virtuse ecosystem, making traditional investments accessible to all users by eliminating middlemen and associated fees and breaking down antiquated barriers to entry in these markets.

“Virtuse Exchange has innovated the entire financial space as we know it by creating Digital Asset Collateralized Tokens (DACTs) — asset-backed crypto investments in stocks, bonds, commodities and other funds and now we are ready to show this game-changing platform to the world,” Rastislav Vasilisin, CEO and Founder of Virtuse Exchange said. “Once launched, users can create their own tokens based on anything they want to trade. This allows investors to take advantage of a multitude of investment options, opening up potentially trillions of dollars in assets through cryptocurrency trading.”

According to Deutsche Bank, global financial assets represent 300 trillion-dollar market, which is roughly 1,000 times larger than the crypto assets market. However, the vast global market is not accessible to all. Even in countries with highly developed capital markets like Germany, only 10% of households own stocks directly or through funds connected to financial markets. With Virtuse Exchange, all the households will gain easy access to financial products in the form of tokenized digital assets.

DACTs (Digital Asset Collateralized Tokens) are the core innovation of the Virtuse Exchange platform. Tokens will be directly linked to underlying liquid and tradable real assets, allowing high liquidity. The platform is able to purchase more underlying assets and, thus, create new coins for holding and trading. Some of the examples of the potential underlying assets are Gold, Oil, S&P 500, Carbon, and other coins, as diverse as the global marketplace. Virtuse Exchange will provide Advanced Analytical tools, with streaming news feeds and data, portfolio management tools, market data analysis tools, and market forecast and history, among others.

About Virtuse Exchange

Virtuse Group was founded in 2006 with the vision of transforming global emissions and renewable energy markets in Europe. By 2010, Virtuse Group had become one of the largest emission brokers in Europe and China.

Virtuse Group wanted to bridge the gap between the old, centralized and new decentralized financial markets — and create something that’s new, dynamic, diverse, and different.

The group is now launching Virtuse Exchange in Singapore — a next-generation cryptocurrency exchange for all investors to invest and trade a wide range of assets classes that are secured against real-world assets. Virtuse Exchange bridges the gap between the cryptocurrency market and the $300 trillion global financial market on a single exchange. Virtuse Exchange is the most fluid, secure, and inclusive exchange built on the blockchain, poised to democratize your access to capital markets.

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